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About DroidVPN:

Virtual private networks (VPNs) allow anybody to remain anonymous while keeping data transfers private, and DroidVPN provides VPNs that are designed to be used on Android phones. Most providers offer a VPN for a number of devices, so it’s refreshing to find a provider that has designed its product specifically for the Android device alone. What’s more all new customers receive a free trial of the service prior to signing up for a regular price plan, so it’s possible to check out the DroidVPN for Android service thoroughly prior to making any financial commitment.

Mobile security with Droid VPN:

Mobile phones are notoriously insecure, so adding a VPN to the phone does give user security at all times the Internet is used, whether in WiFi hotspots or within the relative security of a home network. When it comes to using your Android phone on public WiFi hotspots there is a very real chance of data being hacked and intercepted, this is because mobile phones have very little internal security built into them. Adding a VPN means all Internet transmissions are routed through a server on the VPN network and the customer device is given an anonymous IP address. The VPN is a secure data tunnel which encrypts all information that is sent or received online, giving all customers security and privacy and the knowledge that they will not be affected by criminal Internet activity, no matter where they use the Android device.

It’s easy to sign up for a free trial account for your Android phone with DroidVPN, consumers just need to visit the company’s website and click on the Signup button to be taken to a screen which asks very few details. DroidVPN send the new customer an email containing a password which will activate the free service.

DroidVPN is especially popular with Samsung Gear VR users outside the US which cannot install the Milk App on their Smartphone to access adult virtual reality content. A tutorial about that can be found on the NSDW Site

Droid VPN Downloading:

The software can be downloaded to the Android device via an app which can be downloaded from Google Play or using a direct download link from the DroidVPN website.

The Droid VPN client interface:

If the app download is used, customers can rest assured that any software updates will be applied direct to their device, however, customers choosing to make manual downloads of the software will need to apply updates themselves and these are announced on the DroidVPN website, forum, twitter page and Facebook page.

Customers using DroidVPN need to have working Internet access on the device as this is not a replacement for any ISP, but an add on facility which allocates a different IP address via the anonymous, encrypted VPN tunnel. Customers with Android phones with less than version 4 will need to load tun.ko, if this is not already operative on the device. Tun.ko can be downloaded via DroidVPN if required.

Droid VPN Benefits:

Any Internet browser who experiences website blocking or censorship on a regular basis will find the VPN makes it easy to bypass local or country censorship. It is just a matter of logging into an appropriate server which will allocate a different IP address to the Android device and sites can be accessed easily. This is very useful for people who find schools, colleges or universities operate censorship during the day, for anybody in the workplace experiencing similar problems, or for expats or people travelling overseas who cannot access their favourite media streaming channels or websites due to censorship or geo-restrictions. When consumers wish to access geo-restricted content, like Hulu in the United States, it’s just a case of logging into the VPN using a server in the United States and the allocated IP address then unlocks all restricted content.

DroidVPN does not use any of the recognised protocols for its VPN. The company uses its own proprietary protocol which does offer customers several advantages, including tunnelling traffic via ICMP. Customers will find they are unable to change any settings, however.

Easy sign up and getting started:

It’s an easy matter to sign up for DroidVPN and installing the service is just a matter of downloading the app. Once customers receive their password for the service, they just need to sign into the service with the password and press the Start button to channel all traffic through the DroidVPN server.

The security of mobile phones and mobile devices has never been a manufacturer priority, so accessing the Internet from public places is always a dangerous pastime for anybody who takes Internet security seriously. With DroidVPN customers can rest assured that their personal details and any data that’s transmitted is securely encrypted, while the anonymous IP address that’s allocated by the servers means any customer is totally anonymous while browsing the Internet, which is of added benefit to all users.

Internet consumers with concerns about their anonymity and security on the Internet are well advised to check out the DroidVPN free trial and see whether this VPN suits their needs.

DroidVPN downloads for every platform:

  • DroidVPN is for Android (visit download page)
    You can download the DroidVPN App from Android Marketplace and from the DroidVPN homepage

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