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About Hotspot Shield VPN:

Hotspot Shield VPN is a useful virtual private network for Internet consumers who are not particularly tech savvy. The VPN is always active on devices, so users can be assured of constant privacy and secured encryption of data wherever they happen to be. The Hotspot Shield price plan provides a good budget VPN for the money and the company also offer a free VPN, with restrictions.

Customers signing up for a VPN with Hotspot Shield receive a three day free trial of the service, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee in the event of problems with the VPN. People signing up for the free service are limited to servers based in the United States only and some streaming sites such as Hulu and Netflix cannot be accessed. Hotspot Shield also place adverts on webpages for their free users.

Paying for the Elite VPN plan gives full access to all services and allows simultaneous connectivity for up to five devices. The unusual facet to this VPN is that it has two protection elements built into it. Customers can choose full protection so the VPN is always active while the user is online or limited protection where the VPN is only active for selected sites, considered to be less safe or secure. Customers can toggle between the different levels of protection, if desired.

Hotspot Shield VPN Downloading and Setting Up:

Hotspot Shield is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and the website provides detailed guides on how to download the service. Customers wanting to download the app for Android will need to access the Google Play site and should then follow the instructions on the video tutorial provided. The VPN for iPhone and iPad app can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

Anybody using Hotspot Shield from mobile devices will find this VPN is really quick when it comes to accessing WiFi networks while mobile, as soon as a new network area is available for devices the VPN connects and maintains the constant secure network that’s essential for mobile devices, in particular. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows and Mac can be downloaded direct from the company’s website and consumers have the choice of downloading the free VPN which is supported by adverts or the Elite version, which will kick off with a three day free trial.

The Hotspotshield Windows client interface:

The Support link at the top of the Hotspot Shield web page clicks through to an informative Help Centre screen with lots of useful advice and assistance for customers. Clicking the relevant section link for each device links through to articles giving information about uninstalling the service, using the VPN, logging in and giving advice if the service is not connecting for any reason. The section for Android mobile devices has a great deal of detail about operating the Android service, while the Windows section gives added details about speed comparisons between the free service and Elite. An icon for Known Issues is a useful link which gives details of any problems that have been highlighted and are still outstanding or have been solved. All in all, Hotspotshield is one of the best VPN for your mobile.

The Hotspotshield mobile client interface:

Hotspot Shield VPN Service & Help:

Customers can access this when troubleshooting as it may be the quickest way to identify problems and solutions. Customers can also access the Hotspot Shield user forum from this section of the website, giving opportunities to chat with other users and discuss the service and any problem areas. The lower area of the Help Centre screen gives links to promoted articles, which the company feel might be of most use to customers, as well as providing details of trending questions receiving the most queries from users.

The Resources link on the home web page also accesses a number of valuable tutorials and a knowledgebase. Customers who need input from the customer service team at Hotspot Shield will find the best way to do so is to access the Help area of the Support Forum, responses from customer service agents may take up to 24 hours to be received. Support is also available via an email ticketing system.

Hotspot Shield is a fairly basic and simple VPN which is ideal for consumers who are not so computer literate. The user interface is simple to understand and the lack of options to make changes to settings can be a positive factor for many users. More sophisticated computer users may find this service a little too simplistic to meet all their needs, however for somebody who just wants to ensure encrypted data transmissions and opportunities to access blocked or censored sites at any time, then this service is a perfect choice. The free VPN makes it an even better choice for many people. The VPN is easy to use and speeds and connectivity are not of ongoing concern. Consumers who elect to pay for the Elite service will find there’s a good choice of servers and server locations.

Hotspotshield downloads for every platform:

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