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Apple iOS: The operating system for iPhone and iPod touch

Apple equips iPhone and iPod touch with its operating system iOS, for tablet there are iPadOS. We show you what Apple software can do.

The mobile operating system of iPhone and iPod touch is called iOS. For the iPad, Apple has created its own firmware in 2019 with iPadOS, which extends the iOS system with tablet-specific functions.

iOS and also iPadOS are designed for finger operation. The operating systems allow multitouch control. The graphical user interface offers different start screens, between which the user can switch by fingertip wipe and on which the various applications are stored as icons. It is also possible to group applications in folders. The control can be described as quite intuitive.

Apple has a big advantage over many other manufacturers when developing iOS: On the one hand, the manufacturer produces both the devices and the operating system, and on the other hand iOS is only used on a few different device models. These two factors allow a very precise coordination of hardware and software and thus a good ease of use.

Did you know that spies can install monitoring software on iphones without jailbreak? This can happen if your parents or jealous spouse want to know who you’re chatting with on Snapchat or Facebook Messenger or any other chat app. Read more on this on AlertDino.

iOS: Hundreds of thousands of additional programs

iPhone home screen under iOS 13 Apple has repeatedly succeeded in helping functions that have eked out a niche existence to success through a special implementation. This applies, for example, to apps that can be used to extend the functional scope of the operating system. Long before the first iPhone, there was software for Symbian and Windows Mobile, among others, that could be used to expand the system. Apple, however, helped apps to achieve a breakthrough with a convenient app store (and good marketing). Hundreds of thousands of additional programs are now available for iOS.

On the other hand, Apple’s iOS does not have open structures compared to many other systems. For example, the company is regarded as restrictive when it comes to apps, as they are (at least officially) supplied exclusively via the AppStore – and Apple has this firmly in its hands. Accordingly, Apple ultimately decides what is allowed on the user’s device. This can only be circumvented by a so-called jailbreak, i.e. unlocking the device, which is possible with the help of solutions from various hacker groups. However, vulnerabilities that allow a jailbreak are becoming increasingly rare. In addition, this modification of the operating system, which was not intended by the manufacturer, also affects the iPhone owner’s warranty claims.

But even if Apple does without some features: The manufacturer from Cupertino continuously delivers major updates for its system, which are then not only usable on current devices, but often also – although possibly limited – on somewhat older devices.

iOS 13: The iPad goes strange

iOS 13 was the first mobile Apple operating system to be released only for the iPhone and iPod touch. For tablets, Apple launched its own operating system in parallel with iPadOS 13. Although it is based on iOS, it brings additional functions especially for the iPad. iOS 13 has been available since September 19, 2019, and made headlines in the first months after its release not so much because of new features as because of instabilities. Within a very short period of time, Apple had to make several improvements until finally a smoothly functioning operating system was available. One of the most interesting innovations that the new operating system brings with it is the Dark Mode for the user interface of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iOS 12: More performance

iOS 12 was introduced on June 4, 2018 and the final version was released after the beta phase on September 17, 2018. The new operating system version mainly provided a performance boost. Especially older iPhones and iPads that could be equipped with the new firmware benefited from this improvement. Another new feature is the screen time function, which allows users to control how long they use their mobile devices. In addition, multiple push messages originating from the same app are now grouped together for improved clarity.

iOS 11: Off for 32-bit apps

With iOS 11, which was released on September 19, 2017, Apple has ended support for 32-bit apps. At the same time, support for smartphones and tablets that still have a 32-bit processor on board was also discontinued. With iOS 11, Apple introduced new icons for system apps, among other things. The control center can be personalized and Apple mobile devices now also have a file manager. Last but not least, the AppStore has been given a new design.

iOS 10: Siri everywhere

Version 10 of iOS has been available since September 13, 2016. Apple has added numerous innovations to the new operating system version: For example, the lock screen can be equipped with widgets, and there have also been improvements to the photo app, which now includes face recognition, for example. In addition, third-party providers can now use iMessage for their apps. In addition, Siri’s radius of action has been expanded: third-party provider apps can also be operated with the voice assistant.

iOS 9: Longer battery life, improved Siri

On June 8, 2015, Apple presented iOS 9. iOS 9 is designed to provide longer battery life per charge and comes with an improved Siri: It is supposed to react faster and also learn from the user’s requests and habits. A programming interface, with which Siri can also access information from third-party apps, is also added. In addition, the language assistant provides appropriate information on the time and current location.

The Spotlight search has been extended, and thanks to a new API, it can access all the data on the terminal device. The Notes app has been redesigned and now also allows you to save photos and drawings. In addition, Transit has been integrated into the Maps app, so that suitable public transport information is available – although so far limited to Berlin. A new news app compiles suitable content based on user requests with regard to sources and topics.

iOS 8: Numerous new features

iOS 8 was introduced on June 2, 2014 and brought many new features. Among the new features is the possibility for developers to create their own keyboards. In addition, Apple’s own keyboard now provides word suggestions while typing. iCloud Drive, however, is a storage solution that includes 5 GB of free memory and works similar to Dropbox.

Also new in iOS 8 are interactive notifications: Users can reply to messages directly by dragging down the message with a wipe gesture. The Spotlight function allows both local and Internet searches. Especially for the iPad there is the possibility to use several applications on the home screen at the same time via tab view. In addition, there are many other new features in iOS 8.

iOS 7: True multitasking, new look & more

With iOS 7, Apple presented its latest update on 10 June 2013. At first glance, iOS 7 differs from its predecessors: The system features new icons for the apps, as well as color changes and transparent display.

But there are more than just visual improvements: iOS 7 brings real multitasking for all applications – the system should only run programs that are actually used. This should extend the runtime. When it comes to control, gestures play an important role in iOS 7. Thanks to the so-called Control Center, WLAN, airplane mode and the like can be accessed quickly.

But that is by no means all: The new features of iOS 7 also include AirDrop integration, a new camera software, an automatic app update function, a new Siri voice and a music streaming service (for launch only in the USA).

iOS 7 is a long time in the making and many features have been successively upgraded in the past.

iOS 6: Siri extended, own card solution

iOS 6 came up with several improvements and changes. For example, the language assistant Siri understood significantly more commands. In addition, Apple had replaced the Google Maps application with its own map app, which comes with a navigation solution and 3D views, among other things. Apple had also enhanced the photo app and offered the possibility of preventing night-time calls and other disturbances without having to switch off the device.

iOS 6 is pre-installed on iPhone 5 and is otherwise available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. For older models, however, users will have to make some concessions in terms of the range of functions. In terms of iPad, the third generation iPad and iPad 2 are supported. In addition, iOS 6 can be installed on most iPod Touch devices.

iOS 5 brings SMS replacement – at least for the communication with iOS users

With the iOS 5, which was introduced in June 2011, some new functions were again available to users – if they own an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 4G or an iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 3G is no longer supported.

Apple offers an SMS-like service called iMessage, which replaces the sending of classic text messages – at least between iMessage users. If the user is iMessage-enabled, they will not be able to send an SMS at all. This automatism can be seen as a form of “pampering”, but it also helps to automatically save costs (if the data tariff is suitable, but usually mandatory for the iPhone). In addition, the micro-blogging service Twitter has been integrated more strongly into the system and, similar to the Google operating system Android, iOS now also has an expandable info bar at the top of the screen.

With iOS 5, the compulsion to first connect a new Apple device to a computer for activation is a thing of the past. Moreover, the multimedia software iTunes synchronizes wirelessly with it. Another iOS 5 innovation: the Safari browser also masters tabbed browsing in its mobile version.

Exclusively for the iPhone 4S, iOS 5 also comes with Siri – a speech recognition system that is designed to understand even complex user tasks. This means that Siri not only understands instructions for the smartphone, but also answers questions, for which the service uses the Wolfram Alpha search engine, among other things. The feature is available in English, Japanese, German and French, although the scope of each is different.

With the iOS 5.1 update, users can deactivate the UMTS interface separately. There have also been minor changes to the camera and iTunes as well as for more efficient battery usage.

iOS version 4.0 and higher with a form of multitasking

One of the retrofitted features of iOS initially included a form of multitasking that Apple introduced with the iPhone OS 4.0. However, it is not possible to run several applications in parallel, as known from the home PC: In fact, running applications are paused when switching to another application, while selected Apple-defined services can continue to be used in the background – if the respective app has been adapted accordingly. This applies, for example, to processing audio, VoIP or GPS tasks in the background. By the way, it has always been technically possible to use multitasking on the iPhone – but Apple has prevented this. But a jailbreak can help here as well.

With iOS 4, among other things, the possibility of sorting applications into folders was added – certainly a real added value in view of the variety of apps.

iPhone OS initially without copy and paste

Most users will have already forgotten the beginnings of the iPhone OS or iOS – because at the beginning of the iPhone era some basic features were missing. It was not until version 3.0 that the cult manufacturer upgraded functions such as “copy and paste” including the “cut” feature, tethering (using the iPhone as a modem), support for the widescreen keyboard by all “important” Apple applications and MMS use.

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