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Filesharing allowed?only legal filesharing, and only on specific servers
Protocols:PPTP, OpenVPN
Monthly cost from:$4.15
Free Trial:Free Trial available
Client for:Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Tomato is a somewhat free HyperWRT-established, Linux core firmware distribution to get a variety based wireless routers the older-version Linksys WRT54G (and WRT54GS), Buffalo AirStation, Asus Routers and the WNR3500L of Netgear. Among other remarkable attributes is the user interface, which makes significant use of Ajax in addition to an SVG-based bandwidth computer screen that is graphical.


Jonathan Zarate initially released tomato building to HyperWRT’s code. Since the final launch in the first programmer in June 2010, continued development occurs through several community-preserved “mods”. A remarkable early branch, called itself stopped development in November 2010 TomatoUSB,, but has since been forked by other programmers.[4]

Interactional Ajax established GUI using CSS and SVG -established color schemes (enabling GUI look and feel changes).
CLI access (BusyBox) via SSH or Telnet (using Dropbear).
DHCP server (with static allocation).
DNS forwarder (using Dnsmasq).
Netfilter/iptables with IPP2P customizable settings and l7 filter.
Wake on LAN.
Complex QoS: 10 exceptional QoS categories defined, realtime graphs show prioritized traffic with traffic type details.
Client bandwidth control via QoS categories.
Bandwidth graphing/data.
Wireless modes:
Access point (AP).
Wireless client station (STA).
Wireless Ethernet (WET) bridge.
Wireless distribution system (WDS also called wireless bridging).
Coincident AP and WDS (wireless that is also called replicating).
Dynamic DNS service with services and ezUpdate went for more suppliers.
Syslog viewable (also downloadable).
SES button control.
CIFS client.
Wireless LAN Alteration of radio transmit antenna choice, power, and 14 channels that are wireless.
‘ the time slot increases for uploading firmware through the boot loader).
Complex port forwarding, tripping with UPnP and NAT PMP, and redirection.
Advanced user access limitations.
Init, WAN, firewall, and shutdown .
Uptime, free memory status, and load average.
Minimal reboots – Hardly any configuration changes need a reboot.
Wireless survey page to look at other networks.
UPnP mappings are revealed by more extensive dash than stock firmware: shows signal strengths of wireless client devices,.
Computer Configuration continuity in a firmware upgrade.

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