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Windows XP is a personal computer operating system made by Microsoft within the Windows NT family of operating systems. The operating system usually released for retail sale, and was released to manufacturing on August 24, 2001.

Development of XP started in the late 1990s as “Neptune”, an operating system built around the Windows NT kernel that was intended especially for mainstream consumer use–an upgraded variant of Windows 2000 was also initially planned for the company marketplace. But in January 2000, both projects were shelved in favor of a single OS codenamed “Whistler”, which will function as one OS platform for both consumer and company marketplaces. Windows XP was a major improvement in the MS DOS based versions of Windows in stability, security and efficacy [5] as a result of its use. It was the very first variant of Windows and introduced a redesigned graphical user interface to use product activation in a bid to reduce software piracy.

Upon its release Windows XP got generally favorable reviews, with critics noting increased functionality (particularly in comparison to Windows ME), a more intuitive user interface, improved hardware support, and its own enlarged multimedia abilities.[6] Despite some initial concerns on the brand new licensing version and product activation system, Windows XP eventually proved to be popular and extensively used. It’s believed that at least 400 million copies were sold internationally within its first five years [7][8] and at least one billion copies were sold by April 2014.[9]

Windows XP stayed popular even following the launch of newer variants, especially as a result of badly received launch of its own successor Windows Vista. Vista’s 2009 successor, Windows 7, just overtook XP in overall market share in the conclusion of 2011.

Sales of Windows XP permits to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) stopped on June 30, 2008, but continued until October 2010 for netbooks. Extensive support finished on April 8, 2014, after which the operating system stopped getting security upgrades or additional support to the majority of users.

Windows XP was launched in two important variants on Home Edition start, and Professional. Both versions were made available at retail in boxed copies, as well as as pre-filled applications on new computers. Packaged copies were sold as “Upgrade” or “Complete” permits; the “Upgrade” variants were somewhat more affordable, but need a current version of Windows to install. The “Complete” version may be set up on systems without an operating system or existing variant of Windows.[23] Both variants of XP were directed towards distinct marketplaces; Home Edition is expressly designed for consumer use and disables or removes specific complex and business-oriented attributes present on Professional, including the capability to join a Windows domain name, Internet Information Services, and Multilingual User Interface. Also, users cannot directly update to XP Home Edition from Windows NT 4.0 or 2000, although users could update to either form of XP from Windows 98 or ME.[37] Windows’ software license agreement for pre-packed permits enables the applications to be “returned” to the OEM for a refund if the user doesn’t want to use it.[38] Despite the refusal of some manufacturing companies to respect the entitlement, it’s been imposed by courts in some states.[39][40]

Two specialized forms were introduced in 2002 as pre-packed applications, only through OEM stations for particular kinds of hardware. Windows XP Media Center Edition was initially created for high end home theatre PCs with TV tuners (promoted under the term “Media Center PC”), offering increased multimedia functionality, an electronic program guide, and digital video recorder (DVR) support through the Windows Media Center application.[41] Microsoft also unveiled Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, which includes added pencil input attributes, and is optimized for cellular apparatus fulfilling its Tablet PC specifications.[42] Two distinct 64-bit versions of XP were made accessible; the first, Windows XP 64-Bit version, was intended for IA64 (Itanium) systems; as ia64 use dropped on workstations in favor of AMD’s x86-64 design (that was supported from the later Windows XP Professional x64 Edition), the Itanium version was discontinued in 2005.[43]

Microsoft also targeted emerging markets using the 2004 launch a unique form of Home Edition designed for low cost PC’s. The OS is mainly aimed at first-time computer owners (especially in developing countries); featuring significant localization (including backgrounds and screen savers featuring pictures of local landmarks), and a “My Support” region which includes video tutorials on basic computing jobs. In addition, it removes specific “sophisticated” attributes, and will not permit users to run over three programs at a time. Following a pilot program in India and Thailand, Newcomer premiered in other emerging markets throughout 2005.[44] In 2006, Microsoft also unveiled the FlexGo initiative, which might additionally target emerging markets with subsidized PCs on a prepaid, subscription basis.[45]

As the consequence of unfair competition suits in South Korea and Europe, which both alleged that Microsoft had leveraged its standing in the PC marketplace to favor a unique software, Microsoft was made to release specific versions in these marketplaces that excluded specific programs. In March 2004, following the European Commission fined Microsoft EUR497 million (US$603 million), Microsoft was made to release “N” variants of XP that excluded Windows Media Player, motivating users to decide and download their own media player software. As the variation contained, because it’s sold in exactly the same cost, specific OEMs (like Dell, who offered it as well as Hewlett Packard, Lenovo and Fujitsu Siemens, to get a little while) selected to not offer it. Consumer interest continues to be low, with about 1,500 units sent to OEMs, and no reported sales to consumers.[46][47][48][49] In December 2005, the Korean Fair Trade Commission ordered Microsoft to make accessible versions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 which don’t include Windows Media Player or Windows Messenger.[50] The “K” and “KN” versions of Windows XP were released in August 2006, and are just accessible in English and Korean, and additionally include links to third party instant messenger and media player software

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