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About Torguard VPN:

Torguard VPN provide a top quality virtual private networking service that offers a range of payment plans to suit most customer needs. The three Torguard plans are BitTorrent Proxy service, Anonymous VPN and Torrent VPN. They also provide a free anonymous emailing service and an offshore email storage service, which is chargeable, as well as dedicated IP addresses and port forwarding. Additional useful services offered by Torguard include stealth connections which are great for anybody living in countries like China, and SSH tunnelling. As Bittorrent is allowed, Torguard also is a great Popcorntime VPN.

Torguard VPN operates servers in man different countries:

The Torguard VPN allows customers to connect up to five devices simultaneously and servers are located in 19 countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, England, Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania, Iceland, Singapore, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Sweden, Egypt, USA, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, India, France, Norway, Italy, Spain, Panama, Japan, Russia, Finland, Tunisia, New Zealand.

Torguard does not log user activity and provides a fast, reliable VPN service, it may not be the cheapest provider on the market but it does provide a comprehensive package of services to customers. Fileshare enthusiasts in particular will find this provider a great choice, whether they register for the Proxy service alone or take out a complete VPN plan.

Torguard Benefits & Setting Up:

The Torguard website features information about current server status, allowing consumers to check out the best servers to connect through, and customer service is available via Live Chat during office hours or email ticketing. The company website also provides a knowledgebase and FAQ section which can resolve some common problems or concerns for new customers.

Setting up an account with Torguard is a simple matter and customers who require total anonymity will be relieved to note that payment by Bitcoin is acceptable which you can buy at several bitcoin exchanges like Bitfinex and others, as you can find on BBEX. The company is committed to user privacy and its parent company is based on the Caribbean island of Nevis.

Torguard do say that if they are pursued by copyright infringement legalities at any point in the future, they will have no hesitation in moving their United States corporate offices to another geographic location, so torrenting customers can rest assured that this provider is committed to giving the best fileshare experiences to Internet consumers.

The Torguard VPN plans:

Torguard VPN software for all devices:

Loading Torguard VPN to Internet devices is just a matter of visiting the downloads page which can be accessed from the home page on the company website and selecting the appropriate download for the device used. Files for DD-WRT and Tomato routers together with brief instructions will assist anybody to get the VPN loaded to a network. OpenVPN configurations for a range of devices are available for any customer who does not want to utilize the Torguard software, while apps are available for Linux, Android, Windows and Mac.

When it comes to downloading the Windows client Torguard offers customers the choice of its custom software Torguard Lite or Viscosity and provides apps for both of these. With Torguard Lite customers get to choose TDP or UDP connection, while the Viscosity software includes IPv6 leak protection, with both interfaces providing ease of use for customers.

The most popular Torguard downloads are Torguard Lite for Windows, Torguard Viscosity for Windows, Torguard BitTorrent Proxy Setup for Windows, Regular OpenVPN Configurations and Torguard VPN Pro Viscosity for Mac.

Torguard do provide VPN for iOS and the Knowledgebase on the website provides useful information on how to set up this service and deal with any common problems. There are also a number of informative articles on setting up and operating Torguard VPN on Android. Customers can also purchase preconfigured routers from this provider so a network can be operated with security and anonymity.

Customer service is available via live chat services during office hours or an email ticketing system. There is also a great deal of information on the Torguard website, though it can be a little difficult to locate as it’s not the easiest site in the world to navigate around. Customers can also participate in the VPN forum to discuss the service with other users and find additional solutions to common problems.

The Torguard VPN client interface:

The Stealth service from Torguard is an ideal choice for any consumer experiencing problems with censorship. Some consumers may have problems accessing websites and services due to deep packet inspection from firewalls and VPN blocks in different countries around the world. The Stealth service allows people to take back their Internet freedoms in these locations and bypass censorship and similar restrictions to services. Stealth is available to all Torguard’s customers and it’s just a case of logging into the company’s Stealth servers to assure the highest levels of security are in place at all times.

In all, the VPN and all associated products from Torguard give customers a rounded plan which should meet all needs. For customers who enjoy P2P and torrenting the specialist services of Torguard meet requirements for anonymity to beat any copyright infringement letters or tracking, so customers can rest assured of their gaming capabilities and safety from hacking or other intrusions.

Torguard downloads for every platform:

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