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About VPN in Touch:

VPN in Touch provides reliable virtual private networking (VPN) services for a number of Internet-enabled devices. Anybody looking for anonymity on the Internet is advised to use a VPN for encrypted and private transmissions at all time.

VPN in Touch free trial & pricing

This provider has one price plan which is discounted to customers who take out a plan over longer periods of time, up to three years. Taking a price plan over three years cuts costs down considerably, although this provider is priced at budget levels anyway. It’s possible to sign up for a free seven day trial account to really check out the VPN, although not all devices are enabled for this trial service.

Customers can connect up to three devices simultaneously and the service is available for a range of protocols. VPN in Touch has been providing VPNs since 2011 and has servers in eight different country locations at this moment in time. Customers can switch between servers at will and there’s no bandwidth limit or speed limitations. One major selling point of VPN in Touch is the simplicity of use, even the most computer illiterate user will find it’s easy to use right from the start. Fileshare activities are allowed on all the servers apart from those based in the United States, for legal copyright reasons.

They have servers in these countries: France, Japan, the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Singapore, Canada and England.

VPN in Touch Downloading:

Downloading VPN in Touch to iOS 7 or 8 is an easy matter of simply installing the app from the Apple Store, user instructions are provided on the site in easy to follow format. The Android app can be downloaded from Google Market, while an app for Windows 7 and 8 can be downloaded direct from the VPN in Touch website. When it comes to Windows Mobile/Phone, customers can download an app or will need to set the VPN by following detailed instructions on the VPN in Touch website.

VPN in Touch provide guidelines for setting the VPN manually using PPTP or L2TP for the following devices: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu. OpenVPN can be used on iOS, Android, Windows or Mac and the website provides guidelines to load the VPN to each of these platforms.

Customers wishing to stream media from Hulu will find detailed instructions to do this for a range of Internat-enabled devices and the website also provides three ways customers can install the VPN onto games consoles.

Example for the VPN in Touch client interface:

The FAQ section on the website provides basic answers to common queries customers may have about installing the VPN to a range of different devices. If queries are not solved this way customers can submit queries to VPN in Touch customer services department using the email ticketing system. As at May 2015 the company does not offer any live chat customer service support, however the customer service team do respond to queries rapidly. The website also has useful tips on the Support page of the website to help customers with a number of common problems or issues with the service or the administration, registration of plans. The VPN in Touch blog also provides a wealth of useful information for customers and new users, although it’s not a particularly attractive layout, there is a great deal of detail about VPNs.

VPN in Touch Security & Benefits:

Customers will find this is a speedy and reliable VPN service, although not as large as many of its competitors VPN in Touch does have a simple interface and is easy to navigate and use.

Any Internet consumer with serious concerns about anonymity on the Internet should really install a VPN to reduce risks of hacking or eavesdropping. The fact that customers of VPN in Touch can connect simultaneously from up to three devices is a positive aspect to the service. Many VPN providers only allow one, at most two connections, so this is a great deal, particularly when a payment plan is taken out over three years as the service really only costs peanuts each month when consumers make such a long term commitment.

Anybody using a mobile device to access the Internet from WiFi hotspots while out and about is constantly at risk from interception of data transmissions, as mobiles don’t have much security built into them. When a VPN is active on the mobile device the customer can rest assured that all data transmitted to or from the device is securely encrypted and safe from prying.

The opportunity to check out the VPN in Touch service with a free seven day trial means consumers can spend time accessing the service from a variety of devices and different locations to make sure this is the best VPN to suit their ongoing needs. At the end of the trial it should be easy enough to make any decision on whether or not to sign up to the service for a full three year period.

VPNinTouch downloads for every platform:

  • VPN in Touch for Windows (visit download page)
    You can download a Client for PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN for Windows
  • VPN in Touch for Mac OS X (visit download page)
    There are PPTP, L2TP, IPSec or OpenVPN connection methods available in the Mac OS Client
  • VPN in Touch for Linux (visit download page)
    There is no Linux Client available for download - but a detailled setup guide to get VPN in Touch working with Ubuntu
  • VPN in Touch for Android (visit download page)
    There is an Android app available for download
  • VPN in Touch for iPhone / iPad (visit download page)
    There is a VPN in Touch App on the ITunes Store ready for download
  • VPN in Touch for Windows Phone (visit download page)
  • VPN in Touch also supports and Game consoles (visit download page)

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